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Fuel Tax Exemptions or Refunds

The Fuel Tax Act provides for point of sale exemptions on motive fuel and refunds on gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel for authorized activities.

The following provides the most pertinent information and procedures to help you understand how taxes apply to motor vehicles.

Fuel Tax Act - Exempt Program


Dyed Fuel

The Yukon does not have a Dyed Fuel system in place.

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Heating Fuel

If you have paid fuel tax on fuel that is purchased and subsequently consumed for the space heating of a building, complete and submit the form below to apply for a refund of the taxes.

Include the following with the completed refund application :

  •  a copy of the receipt showing taxes paid,
  •  the location at which the fuel was used,
  •  a description of the type of equipment in which the fuel was used,
  •  the litres used by each piece of equipment over the refund period and how you determined this.


Refund Due to a Lower Tax RatePDF

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Exempt Permits

An exempt permit number allows users to buy tax-exempt fuel at any authorized agent.

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Exempt Activities

Tax-exempt fuel is authorized for the following off-road commercial purposes only:

Farming Fishing Trapping
Hunting/Outfitting Logging Mining
Sawmills Tourism

Tax-exempt fuel is also authorized for off-road use by Golf Courses and for use in Stationary Generators.

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There are no annual or application fees:

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Applications for Permit

Information on applying for a permit and conditions for holding a permit may be obtained by contacting Taxation at (867) 667-5345.

  Tax Exempt Permit Application PDF

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Fuel taxes paid at the time of purchase may be claimed from the Department of Finance up to December 31 of the year that is six years after the year of purchase of the fuel. Refund claim form (FOT 6A) as well as fuel receipts showing fuel type, litres, date of sale, location of sale and taxes included must be completed in order for a refund to be processed. Information on applying for a refund may be obtained by contacting Taxation at the number provided above.

  Tax Exempt Refund Form PDF

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Annual Renewal

All exempt permit holders must file an annual renewal form with the Department of Finance to be eligible to continue purchasing fuel tax-exempt. The renewal form provides a summary of fuel purchased for the previous calendar year, confirmation of equipment list, projected consumption for the next calendar year and current legal documentation confirming their involvement in the exempt activity.

  Annual Tax Exempt Renewal Report PDF

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Tax Rates

Fuel Tax Rates

Fuel Type



6.2 cents per litre


7.2 cents per litre


1.1 cents per litre


no tax


no tax