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2007-2008 Public Accounts


These electronic documents are representative of the final printed publications. The Government of Yukon assumes no responsibility for any discrepancies between an electronic copy and the printed publication. The printed versions of the documents stand as the official record.



for the year ended March 31, 2008


Part One Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis [102.30 KB PDF]
Part Two Audited Consolidated Financial Statements
Management's Responsibility for Financial Reporting [52.47 KB PDF]
Report of the Auditor General of Canada [85.28 KB PDF]
Government of Yukon Consolidated Financial Statements [1600.70 KB PDF]
Part Three Non-Consolidated Financial Statements
Section I Government of Yukon Financial Statements (unaudited) [1269.93 KB PDF]
Section II Supplementary Financial Information (unaudited)
Schedule 1 - Comparative Schedule of Revenues [105.57 KB PDF]
Schedule 2 - Schedule of Revenues by Department [649.26 KB PDF]
Schedule 3 - Comparative Schedule of Expenses [354.73 KB PDF]
Schedule 4 - Schedule of Expenses by Department [466.51 KB PDF]
Schedule 5 - Schedule of Recoveries of Prior Years’ Expenses [26.35 KB PDF]
Schedule 6 - Schedule of Restricted Funds [70.22 KB PDF]
Schedule 7 - Schedule of Inventory Revolving Funds [26.85 KB PDF]
Schedule 8 - Schedule of Grants [110.46 KB PDF]
Schedule 9 - Schedule of Contributions [562.67 KB PDF]
Schedule 10 - Schedule of Special Warrants [59.06 KB PDF]
Schedule 11 - Schedule of Public Debt [27.04 KB PDF]
Schedule 12 - Schedule of Bad Debt Write-offs [45.27 KB PDF]
Schedule 13 - Schedule of Guaranteed Debt [25.70 KB PDF]
Section III Supplementary Financial Statements
Yukon College (audited) [670.67 KB PDF]
Yukon Hospital Corporation (audited) [724.41 KB PDF]
Yukon Housing Corporation (audited) [15.73 KB PDF]
Yukon Development Corporation (audited) [1406.71 KB PDF]
Yukon Liquor Corporation (audited) [504.06 KB PDF]
Yukon Government Fund Limited (audited) [401.38 KB PDF]
Compensation Fund (Yukon) (audited) [1041.53 KB PDF]