Department of Finance

Department Overview

Financial Operations and Revenue Services

The Financial Operations and Revenue Services Branch provides corporate financial services to the Government of Yukon.  It includes:  

  • Taxation
  • Accounting Services
  • Financial Systems
  • Investments and Debt Services


Taxation is responsible for the development and implementation of taxation policies and strategies, and the administration of Yukon tax programs.  It acts as government counsel on taxation issues.

Accounting Services

Accounting Services is responsible for the development and implementation of the government’s accounting policies.  It provides corporate accounting services to the government including the operation of the accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll systems, management and control of the general ledger, the provision of financial direction and advice to the financial units of government departments.  It is also responsible for the preparation of the government’s financial statements and Public Accounts.

Financial Systems

Financial Systems is responsible for the design, development, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and evaluation of all financial management information systems and projects for the government.  It is also responsible for providing guidance and support services to user departments regarding financial systems.

Investments and Debt Services

Investments and Debt Services is responsible for cash management for the government.  This includes management of government investments and trust accounts.  It acts as the government representative in all banking relationships.   It also acts as an independent resource for other government organizations in the Yukon with regards to developing investment policies.