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2017-18 Supplementary Estimates No.2


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No. 2


2017 - 2018


Prepared by:
Department of Finance
under the direction of:
Management Board

2nd Session of the 34th Legislature
Yukon Legislative Assembly
Whitehorse, Yukon

Glossary [111.76 PDF] (i)
Table of Contents
Financial Summaries
Financial Summary [35.73 PDF] S-3
Revenue Summary [42.74 PDF] S-4
Expense Summary [64.59 PDF] S-5
Revenue Summary by Source [93.23 PDF] S-8
Departmental/Corporation Summaries
Operation and Maintenance Appropriations Summary by Department/Corporation [59.97 PDF] S-12
Operation and Maintenance Recovery Summary by Department/Corporation [55.17 PDF] S-13
Capital Appropriations Summary by Department/ Corporation [53.84 PDF] S-14
Capital Recovery Summary by Department/ Corporation [51.11 PDF] S-15
Departmental /Corporation Detail
Yukon Legislative Assembly [51.35 PDF] 1-1
Community Services [97.27 PDF] 2-1
Education [76.95 PDF] 3-1
Energy, Mines and Resources [61.76 PDF] 4-1
Finance [56.98 PDF] 5-1
Health and Social Services [100.90 PDF] 6-1
Highway and Public Works [118.87 PDF] 7-1
Justice [72.76 PDF] 8-1
Public Service Commission [50.99 PDF] 9-1
Tourism and Culture [80.81 PDF] 10-1
Women's Directorate [47.18 PDF] 11-1
Yukon Development Corporation [48.42 PDF] 12-1
Yukon Housing Corporation [75.02 PDF] 13-1